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Here presents the best ERP software complying with international standards and conditions in Turkey: Tiger Plus

Tiger Plus is an ERP solution

  • Supporting corporate and operational strategies of companies,

  • Fully compatible with corporation

  • Providing competative advantages both in domestic and foreign market

  • Supporting growth process fully

Tiger Plus is offering new insights to competitive companies by reinterpreting the ERP concept. Furthermore, this application software provides solutions to corporations and groups engaging in sales, distribution, production and service fields in all industries at a minimum cost.

Why to Choose Tiger Plus

Tiger Plus is an ERP solution developed considering all requirements of corporations with modules supporting integrated working. Thanks to full-integration, users will access to up-to-date data within the limits of their authorzations after entering the relevant information to the system once. Information is updated automatically after checking complience with limits. Communication load is reduced by creating a “comman language” with modular and integrated structure in interdepartmental and interprocess workings.

Removes document and phone traffic by performing approval and control of work flow and processes in electronic
You can automate your reports and works performed frequently by scheduling and run them whenever required. Tiger Plus reminds your work list and informs the relevant person when it is complete.
Complies with Turkish Commercial Code and other standard local/international accounting & finance standards (FAS52, IAS, IFRS)
“Object Designer and LOGO Objects” customizing tools developed to create new functional customizations in line with the corporate requirements, exclusively for LOGO Solution Partners
You can make several adjustments on reports such as color, font and more visual changes, use drawings and graphics for company logo, delete columns or add fields to columns, and create different queries by defining new filters.
Tracks top selling and purchased products, the most purchasing AR/APs and the products purchased by them, stock/purchase turnover, bank and safe deposit status and more over a single widow with Manager Dashboard
You can find documents of records and transactions defined with “Document Management” function under the relevant catalogs you defined.
Open and Flexible Structure, Relational Database Support - MS SQL and Oracle
Multiple language support
E-business bridge between corporations and other firms and banks thanks to LogoConnect
Integrated structure with e-mail systems
Smart document integration with MS Office
Fully-compatible with Windows interface standards