eDMS Modules and Benefits

The eDMS has two different modules of operation

Administration Module

User Management
This module useful in the functions of Create / Update / Delete users.
Folder Management
This module is useful in the folders and sub folders management here authorized user can Create / Update / Delete folders or sub folders.
Access Management
This module is useful in assigning different roles and access rights to different folders for the different users. With this feature the application is completely secured towards unauthorized access keeping documents in safe hands.
Department / Work Area Management
This module is useful in case of defining work area of the users. Here authorized users can Create / Update / Delete.

Client Module

Document Archival
It provides a central repository to archive high volume of documents that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, locations or the entire enterprise. Different document types and content are archived through rights based archival.
Document Management
It provides basic library services including check‐in/check‐out.
Document Versioning
It maintain different versions of the document.
Retention Policy
Administrator is able to set user wise / department wise retention policy.
Document Scanning and OCR
It scans the document, after scan dynamic OCR is done with built in powerful OCR engine.
Centralized workflow where user can create new workflow and assign users to it and define set of rules to operate, also manage existing workflow system. Each user will have alert available on the dashboard. Also alerts available outside the eDMS through email.
Document Indexing & Processing
Centralized indexing and post branch scanning along with Maker‐Checker scenario for document processing.
User can mark annotations (remarks) on the existing files and it is viewable only to the concern users.
Enterprise Search
The exhaustive document and folder searches on date, indexes and general parameters as well as full text search on image and electronic documents.
Check‐in / Check‐out
Users can Check‐out required document process work on the same and Check‐in again once user completes his work. In case user is not available for check‐in the checked‐out document administrator can force check‐in the same documents.
Dash Board
There is separate dash board for each user. User can see his dash board once he logged in the eDMS system. There are certain handy information is available to act upon it for e.g. Checked‐out document list, recently modified and downloaded documents, User manual etc. This helps out in fast decision making.

eDMS Benefits

Make quick and accurate business decisions
Comply with regulatory requirements
Allows setting comprehensive policies for storing and retaining content for compliance
Remove old documents from the eDMS using built‐in retention engine thus reduce storage, saves document search time
Reduce duplicate document storage across the enterprise thus reduce storage, cost
Improves customer responsiveness through agility for extended enterprise, powered by synchronizing content spread across information silos and disparate systems
Reduce duplicate document storage across the enterprise thus reduce storage, cost
Identify and leverage opportunities with collaborative framework
Business Continuity Management
Strong Roles & Rights management based on User types

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