Maxiplus Power for Utility Distribution Management

Maxiplus Power is a complete and integrated ERP solution for Water, Electricity and Gas Utility Distributions Companies and Enterprises.

With its integrated modules structure, Maxiplus Power can do customer management, new customer circle, route planning for collecting consumptions, calculating of consumption and invoicing, collection transactions in cash or from banks, complaint management, request management, demand management, following installation projects status, follow-up of debt of customers etc. All transacions can be fallowed with Maxiplus Power and has a wide integration ability with Logo ERP products. So, all accounting and financial transaction would be consolidated in Logo ERP products.

With its wide intregration ability, Maxiplus Power can work with card systems for collecting consumption figures of electricity, water and gasp each customers. It can be also work integrated with mobile terminals for site workers who collect the consumption figures door to door. It can be also integrated with prepaid systems and geographic information systems like Bentley’s Microstation or Autocad.

Why to Choose Maxiplus Power?

Integrated solution
All fuction covers for distribution companies
Short implementation duration
Easy to us efor users
Full integration with ERP solution


Customer Service
Customer Management
Customer Types / Tariff Definitions
Types of Contracts (Individuals, Industrial companies, Public institutions)
Contract Management
Demand Management
Appointment Scheduling
Manuel Invoicing
Opening and closing entries

Legal Management
Legal Entries
Legal Fee Tarriffs
Installation Management
Engineer definitions
Definition of Certificated firms
Installation Project Management
Work orders
Certification Management

Inventory Management
Type of Stocks
Models of Stocks
Storage Management
Suppliers Management

Data Integration & Collectins
Card System Integration
Prepaid System Integration
Geographical Information System Integration
Route Management

Customer Complaints & Appeals
Customer Complaints Management
Customer Appeals Management
Emergency Notification Management
Types of Complaints & Appeals

Financial Management
Payment Plans
Bank Accounts
Petty Cash Accounts (hq & branches)
Collection Entries
Integration for Bank Entries

Line Construction Management
Demands Collection
New Line Construction Planning