Maxiplus Online Web ERP Solution

All requirments in one web based package which is integrated with Logo ERP solutions.

With Maxiplus Online, Logo ERP users could have additional solutions for their business needs like web reporting, budgeting, purchasing, intranet modules and can also share some information with their A/R & A/P for financial memorandom, sales/purchasing transactions, payment informations etc.

Why to Choose Maxiplus Online?

With its web ability, every users could use anywhere through an internet connection. So, it will be ideal for companies who has multi-locations.
Several reports could be used from Manager without any needs to log in the Accounting solution.
Location free using ability
Easy to share and collect information with/from A/P and A/R
Saving time usage of staff


Online Reporting
Budget Management
Purchasing Management
A/R & A/P Connection