ePurchasing for Procurement needs

ePurchasing is design to manage for all procurement and purchasing needs for companies which is a web based solution.

All users in-house or out of Office can easily reach ePurchasing through a web browser. It is helping to manage the circle from demand to order and from order to deliver. Have also a fine interface between Logo ERP solutions which avoid double transactions. With approving ability, every demand or purchase are under control by managers.

With Budget control ability, any transaction could be rejected or stopped automatic from system. So, it will help to manage companies Expense Budgets.

Matching Suppliers and Materials, give the control to purchase some Materials from allowed Suppliers.

Why to Choose ePurchasing?

Managing all purchasing needs and transaction
Approval Flow despite of type or amount
Information collected and shared in a common web platform
Budget control ability for any demand
Email notification ability for any transaction
Allowence to specific Suppliers for some Materials or Services demanded
Easy to fallow the quality of delivery and invoice control with selected offer
ERP integration ability prevent double entry needs


Suppliers Management
Material/Services Definitions
Demand Management
Order Management
Delivery Management