Maxiplus Budget

Maxiplus Budget is an add on software which is getting realized figures from all Logo ERP products. It is easy to establish budget structure which is different in several sectors.

Budget Structure could be established for any single company or for groups of companies whom consolidation needs accure.
Defining the Structure, details of figures could be seperated for several brunch, cost center, projects etc.
It is also easy to revized in any time for new estimationand compare several budget in reports.
Fiscal years could be used as budgeting period. However, different periods could also defined because of some special Project budgeting needs.
Periods usually defined for 12 months but it could also defined less or more than 12 months.
It is also possible to estimate new year budget figures using ex-year budget or realized figures

Why to Choose Maxiplus Budget?

Easy to creat budgets
Get relized figures from Logo ERP products automatically
Easy to report
Easy to revizing budgets


Budget Structure
Updating Realized Figures