J-guar: New Java platform solution...

J-guar is a comprehensible new era business solution corresponding to all requirements of corporations looking for scalable and open solutions. It will help you improve effective and efficient business processes in each step of value chain.

J-guar is an ideal solution for corporations looking for a system with the following functions;

  • Executing business processes in the required methods,

  • End-to-end integration in-house and between business partners, suppliers and customers,

  • Fully-integrated and comprehensive including all functions of corporation,

  • Expands enterprises with commensurate investments when needed,

  • Internet-compatible system with remote access and constant accessibility features,

  • Able to run with a wide range of hardware platform and operating systems,

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interfaces,

  • Improving processes with technology,

  • Centrally managed and secure.

J-guar has a wide range of module options working in integration with each other and including all functions required by corporations such as finance, purchasing, production, project management, human resources, sales and distribution.

J-guar has multiple currency and language types and is fully compatible with legislation of all countries thanks to the legislative harmonization, and thereby it supports international operations.

J-guar ensures that all operation functions are performed entirely in compliance with the procedures determined by administration on “Procurement-Production-Sales and Delivery” chain. It offers a business management, not inspection.