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Java based ERP solution

j-guar is a comprehensible new era business solution corresponding to all requirements of corporations looking for scalable and open solutions. It will help you improve effective and efficient business processes in each step of value chain. j-guar has a wide range of module options working in integration with each other and including all functions required by corporations such as finance, purchasing, production, project management, human resources, sales and distribution...read more

Tiger Enterprise
Windows based ERP solution (Big Enterprises)

Expert’s Choice - Tiger Enterprise is an ERP software developed for middle and large scale enterprises tracking in-house business processes and analyzing results in detail through purchasing, production and distribution features and other basic activities supported by planning, finance and human resources management...read more

Tiger Plus
Windows based ERP solution (Middle size Enterprises)

The Power Driving Businesses To The Top! Tiger Plus is offering new insights to competitive companies by reinterpreting the ERP concept. Furthermore, this application software provides solutions to corporations and groups engaging in sales, distribution, production and service fields in all industries at a minimum cost.LOGO Business Solutions, leader of application software market in Turkey serving for users over 1.300 in 170 thousand companies in Turkey and exporting...read more

Human Resources
Complete human resources management processes

LOGO HR optimizes human resources management processes with comprehensive product features and customizable and flexible structure, reduces workload of human resources department and leads managers in tactical and strategic decisions by presenting various analyses...read more

Maxiplus ePurchasing
for Procurement needs

ePurchasing is design to manage for all procurement and purchasing needs for companies which is a web based solution...read more

Maxiplus Budget

Maxiplus Budget is an add on software which is getting realized figures from all Logo ERP products. It is easy to establish budget structure which is different in several sectors...read more

Maxiplus Facility Management

Easy way to manage Malls and Properties financial transactions. Maxiplus FM is an add on software which is integrated with all Logo ERP products...read more

Maxiplus Online
Web ERP Solution

GO PLUS is “the easiest business application” managing all basic processes of SMEs from different sectors including material management, purchasing, accounting...read more

Maxiplus Power
for Utility Distribution Management

Maxiplus Power is a complete and integrated ERP solution for Water, Electricity and Gas Utility Distributions Companies and Enterprises...read more